Wrstology Watches


We're WRISTOLOGY, and we make the best womens watches $50 can buy. Earn free watches or a healthy commission in as little as 3 sales! For full program information, please the WRISTOLOGIST home page here: www.wristologywatches.com/wristologist Questions? Visit the FAQ page here: http://www.wristologywatches.com/pages/wristologist-referral-program/wristologist-program-faq.html

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When you signup for the WRISTOLOGIST program, you have 2 compensation choices: 1. Free watch for every 3 orders you refer 2. 8-15% commission paid via paypal on every sale you refer

When someone makes a purchase through your link or with your code, the sale will be credited to you and show up below immediately. In 30 days, the sale will turn into a "commission due" to give the referred customer an opportunity to return their purchase if they are not satisfied. Commissions due are paid monthly once you reach $10 around the 1st of each month via paypal.