Tote Tails

Join dozens of your fellow pet lovers, bloggers, online retailers and animal welfare organizations and begin earning amazing donations promoting Tote Tails products and giveaways! Tote Tails Partners benefit from our extremely competitive donation rates, high quality product offerings, large scale brand recognition and digital marketing creative support from our talented in house graphic designers. Earn money promoting locally manufactured pet themed products from a business with a heart to your readers, followers, customers, family and friends!

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At Tote Tails we offer our Partners a tiered commission structure where the percentage of commissions per sale that you earn increases the more units you sell. Sell 1-10 units per month and earn 10% commissions per sale. Sell 11 - 25 units per month and earn 15% commissions per sale Sell 26 - 50 units per month and earn 20% commissions per sale Sell 51 - 100 units per month and earn 30% commissions per sale Sell 101+ units per month and earn 45% donations on each unit purchased through your unique Partner links!

All commissions are paid out via PayPal - you must have a valid PayPal account in order to get paid. All commissions are paid out on a NET 7 basis. This means that you are paid on the last day of the week (Sunday) for all commissions generated during the previous weeks promotional activities. For example: If Sep 1st was a Monday you would be paid on Sept 14th (Sunday) for sales that you generated on Monday Sep. 1st - Sunday Sept. 7th