Reading Glasses Etc

Reading glasses made for today's readers. Innovative lens options like blue block tints and AR coatings. Over a 1000 styles to choose from. We are #1 on Google for blue block readers. Our products are unique and needed by millions of computer users. 7% commissions on new and repeat customers.

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Compensation is 7% on the first sale and 7% on each recurring sale for that customer! No time/term limit!

Every sale nets you a 7% commission and when the customer returns to purchase again, another 7% commission. There is no limit to the number of repeat purchases by that customer. We also pay $1.00 for each affiliate lead. Pay out is 60 days after purchase. Once you sign up you can share our site, products, and pages on your blog, website, Facebook page, wherever... Share links, or our Ad images.