Silicon Wives

Sex Doll and Sex Toy Affiliate Program Earn the highest commissions on referrals in the sex doll and sex toy industry. How much can you make as a Silicon Wives Affiliate Partner? Our affiliate partners earn 15% commission for each sale generated by their referrals. This is the highest commission rate offered by anyone in the industry. An example commission: Our best selling doll Irina is valued at $2,999. Our affiliate partners earn $449.85 every time one of their referrals purchases her. ($2,999 X 0.15 = $449.85) How does it work? Register as a Silicon Wives Affiliate Partner. Place our Banner Ads (or make your own!) and add your affiliate URL on your website. When a user clicks through to and makes a purchase, you will automatically earn 15% of the sale. Login to your Affiliate Partner Panel at any time to track clicks, conversions and earnings. How to become an Affiliate Partner Click here to register. Once approved we will send you banner ads and a personalize URL. It's important you use this URL so that we can trace the sales back your account and pay your commissions.

sex dolls, 15%, high margins


15% of all sales

Commissions are paid out the first day of every month. So for example, if you have $500 in commissions from January, then you will be paid out $500 on Feb 1.