Wood Worn


Wood Worn is a brand of luxury handmade wooden sunglasses and soon Rx glasses. We have a gorgeous product and offer a generous 20% affiliate commission per sale.

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We will offer 20% affiliate commission per sale.

Wood Worn is a brand of luxury handmade glasses and soon Rx glasses. We currently offer 18 different models in the form of 3 styles, in 3 different hardwoods, with a brown or grey polarized lenses option. Each pair is unique and different because of the inherent properties of woodgrain patterns and the handmade process. Therefore, no two are exactly the same. We believe in creative self expression and wanted to make a fashion accessory as unique as their owners. We are constantly expanding our product offerings and will shortly be offering wooden prescription glasses frames that any customer may take to their optician and get their prescription lenses put in. But future expansion includes wooden watches, wallets, and more. We offer 20% commission per sale that is made through our affiliates links. We provide links for your social media and copy and paste url to use on your blog, emails, or other online marketing means. We do this via LeadDyno. Payouts of all commissions will be monthly. Thanks and look forward to having you on the team.