Amazon Best Seller and Forbes featured grooming tool - The Cut Buddy - Hair and Beard Shaping Tool

Beard Shaping and Haircuts with Ease! Featured in Forbes, GQ, HuffPo, NPR, Univision, and Black Enterprise. Currently a Best Seller on Amazon. So it will be easy to sell! Perfect affiliates to show off product: professional stylists/barbers, beards, wife who cuts husbands hair, DIY haircut, college student, women with short hair, military, men who love grooming, LGBTQ, disabled. Are you a parent struggling to cut your child's hair, owner of a wild beard, a military veteran, college students, barber in training, salon owner, beginner or nursing home specialist helping disabled patients? The Cut Buddy is a patented maintenance edge up, line up, and shape up beard template and hair template tool for haircuts, hairlines, neck lines, beard, bikini lines and mustache. This stencil and shaping tool works in conjunction with hair t-outliners, barber pencils, clippers, hair fibers, disposable razors or a straight razor. It is the perfect tool to use between your barber visits and for personal use. For the training barber or salon artist, it is the perfect tool to use in conjunction with magic/liner pencils for beards and hairlines and hair fibers. Where can I use this haircut tool? Works for hairlines, sideburns, make up, beards, bikini lines, and vaginal hair shaping. With a quick glide of a clipper, edger, outliner, razor, or any hair removal tool, anyone can have a perfect hairline/beard line in minutes.

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