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Hello, thanks for checking out Smart Moderns! Smart Moderns established in Los Angeles, CA, United States with several locations throughout the world in December 2015 to bring more equipped accessories for anyone who has an active lifestyle. As we are spending more and more time on health, fitness or even traveling, we want to stay connected with our favorite tunes. But not many Bluetooth headsets out there are fit to do the job, especially if you spend some time outside the house. They are either expensive, wired or unathletic. Our headsets focus on delivering economical, wireless and sport-fitted features so customers can enjoy music to the best they can while they live that healthy and adventurous life. When you get a pair of headsets from us, you can expect them to be comfortable, tangle-free and sweat-proof to last through any outdoor and intense activities. Check us out back regularly for new products and we look forward to supporting you!

Latest cellphone and smart phone accessories, wireless Bluetooth workout and running headphones, solar chargers, power banks and smart watches for outdoors, electronics, tech gadgets, gifts and related products.


We pay a 18% commission of the order price 1 month after it's made.

We offer prompt and exact commission payments to affiliates to show our great appreciation. Payments to affiliates are made exactly 1 month after purchase. Smart Moderns, or "we", will pay the affiliate commission if no returns/refunds/chargebacks are submitted within that 1 month period. We also reserve the right to terminate any affiliates with or without notice after we pay any amount due to the affiliate(s).