Tired of all of the chemically packed, artificial anti aging products on the market? Get behind a product that speaks to your passion for not only beauty, but natural beauty by taking advantage of all-natural products. Infinitea creates anti-aging tea drinks from all-natural organic ingredients, to fight both physical and mental signs of aging. Get behind a movement towards natural products, and become part of our family today! Affiliates receive commission for: -customer purchase referrals -Reoccurring subscription orders resulting from your referral is active (that's right, every time the order reoccurs you get paid!) -Our affiliates are also eligible job promotions to Sr. Affiliate, Principal Affiliate, Affiliate Program Manager, and so on (the sky's the limit) as you progress with our team. -Each promotion comes with generous raises in our compensation plan.

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Starting: 10%-20% commission for 1-time purchase referrals, 5% recurring commission for recurring subscription orders, 2.5% commission for Child Affiliate order referrals (affiliate orders made from affiliates you've referred to our program, without any work needed from you)

*Restrictions to the points above will be communicated in detail once you join.