Hello Salespersons Extraordinaire! Welcome to the SOFTSOLDIER.CA affiliate program. We have an excellent payment structure setup for you, as well as plenty of assistance if necessary. We are offering an exceptional 25% commission rate! We also offer special bonuses for sales performance. Your sales will define your profits. Sell hard enough, and you'll be making more than we do! Orbeez guns are an amazing, new emerging market. Our collections are top quality Orbeez guns, featuring fully electric models that are not found on shelves. Also, for our American Affiliates, all our prices are in Canadian dollars, meaning you have the exchange rate on your side when it comes to promoting our product! The currency exchange app is available at point of purchase for the customers. For more information, register as an affiliate and join the SoftSoldier Affiliate Army!

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Affiliates will receive a 25% commission on all sales. The value of our products will range between $15 to $300 dollars. Special sales bonuses become available based on sales performance.

25% commission will be paid on all transactions on a monthly basis. All sales will be totalled and the 25% deduction of before tax sales will be paid directly to the affiliate at the end of each month. The affiliate will be responsible for all local and income taxes. will not assume responsibility for improperly filed income tax statements. There is no limit to the number of sales an affiliate can produce each month and all transactions will be totaled, including sales valued under $15. The affiliate must provide a valid PayPal account or Direct Deposit form for transaction commission to be paid. Affiliates that reach a total of $500 sales in a month will receive a special commission voucher for an additional 5% of the total commission value. (eg. $500 in sales = $125 commission + $6.25 bonus). At $1000 in sales the bonus commission goes up to 10% the commission total and at $1500 in sales, the bonus value increases to 20% the commission value. (eg. $1500 in sales = $375 commission + $75 bonus = $450 in total commission!). 3 months (non-consecutive) of $1500 in sales entitles the affilliate to 30% commission + the 5% commission total bonus(increasing by the same increments based on sales performance).