Restaurant Raves

Restaurant Raves is an online restaurant review directory. Our customers are restaurant owners who advertise in our directory. With a directory membership restaurant owners receive a complete profile that is fully managed by the restaurant owner. Features include publishing of photos, videos, menus, contact information, logo, a five star review system, a chat feature to be able to speak with those that provide a review, discreet reviews that first come to your inbox for you to decide which to publish.

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We offer the ability to build a residual income by providing generous compensation on an ongoing monthly basis to our affiliates. We offer 50% of total sales per month and ongoing every month. We also our affiliates the ability to earn even more income by recruiting other affiliates. All sales made by recruited affiliates the parent affiliate will be paid an additional 5% on all sales the recruited affiliate earns.

Commission Terms: 50% of all sales generated by the affiliate 5% additional paid to the affiliate of all sales generated from affiliates he/she has recruited Payment is monthly as long as the restaurant owner maintains paying for his advertising account Refunds to restaurant owners will result in a charge back of commissions paid on the amount refunded. Refunds will be taken out of future commissions. Payment will be made in 30 days of sale.