Thryve - Gut Health Program

Thryve is the world's first gut health company that provides microbiome DNA testing and personalized probiotics according to your gut health. We have been featured in Well + Good, MIT Tech Review, MedGadget, CBS, ABC, Byrdie, The Medical Futurist, and many more. Our tests provide knowledge about the microbes (bacteria/yeast/viruses) inside their body to improve health and utilize machine learning and natural language processing on 3500+ microbiome studies to provide tips, recommendations, and actions for improvement.

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Here is your commission details: 1) Probiotic (one-time) = 10% per purchase (one-time commission only*) 2) Probiotic (monthly) = 10% per purchase (recurring commission**) 3) Test kit (one-time) = 10% per purchase (one-time commission only*) 4) Test kit (monthly) = 10% per purchase (recurring commission**) 5) Bundle (one-time) = 10% per purchase (one-time commission only*) *One-time commission means if the customer purchases one or multiple items on a single one-time purchase with us, you'll get the commission for only that purchase until the customer decides to repeat a single one-time purchase sometime in the future. **Recurring commission means if the customer purchases one or multiple items on a subscription, you will get commission for every time we charge the customer based on their desired subscription cycle whether it is monthly, 3-months once or 6 months once.

DISCLAIMER: 1) We will only attribute sales to you up to 6 months post-clicking any of your tracking link using the customer's browser history. Should the customer decides to delete or clear his/her browsing history before the attribution expiry, all tracking would be lost and you will need to re-share your tracking link to your customers and get them to re-click the link again. 2) Payment will be dispersed to your account within 4 weeks after the purchase is made. This is because we will normally do a bi-weekly/monthly validated transaction check routine to ensure the accuracy of the data received from the affiliate tracking software we're using (LeadDyno) against our shopping cart system (Shopify). We will have full rights to terminate any fraudulent or fake transactions that are not recorded in our shopping cart system once the validation routine occurs. Rest assured at most cases, the system accuracy is 99%.