DogMerch is an online shop featuring dog clothes, dog treats, and everything in-between for all dog breeds. The best part is that most of our inventory is ON SALE, and every order includes FREE SHIPPING!! We have plenty of fun and affordable clothes, gifts, iPhone covers and jewelry for both women and men. We all love dogs, because we're human. You know what else humans love? MONEY!! That's why we've started an affiliate program. Every item in our entire inventory is eligible for this program. All you have to do is pick an item in our store and start sending in the customers. YOU WILL RECEIVE 30% OF EACH SALE YOU GENERATE IN OUR STORE. Notable details: --Shared attribution commissions --30 day Cookie Duration --Parasite Free --Frequently updated Promotional Banners --Non-controversial pet supplies niche with steady market interest

pet supplies, dog clothes, dog collars, dog shoes, dog hats, dog phone cases, dog jewelry, dog gifts


Commission Payout: 30% across our growing inventory (currently 150+ products) Average Cart size: $50 (free shipping on all orders)

In order to be eligible for a commission payout, each completed order must include a US-based shipping address.