Sensory Crate

As a Sensory Crate Affiliate you have the opportunity to help those around you by connecting them with Sensory Crate. Unlike other program you do not need to purchase any items yourself. Once someone purchases a sensory crate or any other item from your referral you get paid a commission. There are no complicated commission schedules or unrealistic trips an level that no one actually reaches. The purpose of this program is to get these therapeutic sensory items into the hands of the people that need them the most. Out goal at Sensory Crate is to sell Crates to the people that need it the most and not just blanket the world wide web. If you would like to do that you are more than welcome to and take full advantage of our affiliate program to make a profitable side business.



Our compensation structure is simple:You receive 10% of all sales. and if you decide to start your own team you get 5% of their sales. That is 15% of the retail price, not Sensory Crate's Net Revenue. For example we launched one advertisement that targeted just friends and family for a cost of about $10 to and sold nearly 25 boxes in week 1. Our margins are small and the value is apparent. In this scenario you would have made. $80 if you sold them yourself alone. Feel free to use your affiliation to make money back on your own purchases.

Sensory Crate and all affiliates are bound by a code of ethics. If for any reason it is suspected that Sensory Crates property, name or any assets are being used inappropriately, Sensory Crate reserves the right to discontinue the usage of the affiliate program at any time. Commission Structure: 10% of Gross Revenue on every sale. 5% of every sale by a team member you recruited. All sales must be processed though the affiliate program to receive credit.