Jalen's Bakery


Jalen's Bakery was started by 8-year-old Jalen in 2016. He learned about entrepreneurship while being homeschooled by his mother and decided to start a business of his own with the goal to get a house and a dog for himself and his mother as well as continue to give back to the community. Jalen has been on numerous news outlets, interviewed by many magazines, radio hosts and was even featured on Rachael Ray. We would be glad to have you on our team. Jalen's Bakery number one seller is chocolate chip cookies, all baked goods are made from scratch using real ingredients. Customers can taste the difference in real vanilla, natural European butter, organic eggs, and all fresh ingredients to create a gourmet dessert.

baked goods, cupcakes, cookies, brownies


Compensation is based on amount of sales, the more you sale the higher your commission percentage will be. Introductory commission for the month of January is 30%.

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