Cool Approved World

Cool Approved World is known to have trendy unisex apparel, used & vintage clothing from Los Angeles, C.A. We recently started preorders for exclusive apparel, feel free to have your clients get their preorders in. Also, our multivendor marketplace will launch soon. So there will be more product to sell, so you can receive more commission.

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We offer 10% commission for every item sold and unlimited repeat sales; price range for preorders is $60 - $78. Get paid daily.

We recently launched our "Preorder" section so please focus on promoting all Preorder collections. The price range is $50 - $78 and free shipping. You can sell as many preorders you like since it is made to order. We also offer a generous affiliate discount if you like to shop our product. Once you signup, you'll see the discount promo code on your dashboard.