GramStacks - Marketing Agency

I have a team of thirteen full-time marketers, whose sole job is to attract 100’s of real, targeted, relevant followers to your leads page. That will be the entirety of their focus. Which means we can guarantee quality results. These new followers can be re-marketed for life. Which will often turn into customers, leads, clients or whatever you need.

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33% of the front-end sale, as well as 33% of recurring payments, for as long as the customer stays with us.

Gramstacks is an established agency, of two years. Which has just now branched to the digital market (Mar. 2019). I am looking for a few affiliates who are right for the job. We bring your leads targeted, organic followers, every month. These new followers can be re-marketed to, for life. Which will often turn into opt-in's, leads, clients or whatever the customers may need. Starting out, we provide 33% commissions on all upfront conversions, as well as 33% of recurring monthly payments from any leads you bought us. (Yes, even if they upgrade.) We are willing to raise the commission based on performance. We care about our team members, so please stay in contact. If you are serious, we will take care of you. Just prove to me you're willing to put in the work, and you will have my support. The difference between our services and those you might see elsewhere. Is that ours is time tested, and proven, with years of cold-hard data backing it up. All actions done on client accounts are taken by real social media managers. This isn't an automation service. Our best selling plan is the $66 Influencer package. I will be working on the JV Portal every few days, and my wife will be providing unique, high quality content, each week. In the near future: expect to have an entire fleet of pre-tested emails, from multiple writing "voices." Example accounts. Swipe Biographies. Proven Promotional Methods. HashTags and KeyWord Research. Reviews. Videos. "Live" Stories. Note: Banners Will Be Provided, But You May Only Promote PPC Ads With Prior Approval. Listen guys.. The more you make, the more I make. So I'm not skimping out here, if you need something, get a hold of me. We will provide whatever we can. If you have a specific request, you can talk to me. I understand things aren't always simple. Just stay on the same page, keep track of your data, and let's crush it this year. Remember, it's a team, we succeed together. Read, Read, Read. Never Give Up! See you soon, -Loki CEO at GramStacks Marketing Agency