Marra's Dream

An influencer for the Marra's Dream brand loves our mission, gear, and showroom and want to share it with all their friends across multiple social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube, Snapchat, Our ambassadors maintain a positive social image for Marra's Dream l and are goal oriented unapologetic individuals. They have great style that reflects our sustainable lifestyle and they help keep the buzz going about Marra's Dream !



Brand ambassadors are also eligible for free entry to Marra's dream hosted events. The best part? All ambassadors receive a 20% store discount (regular priced merchandise only) at all times as long as all requirements are consistently being met. They get 10% comission when there code are being used.

Ambassadors must be visibly promoting Marra's Dream through content. Any post must include a Marra's tag (#Marra, #marrascrew and/or @marrasdream depending on what type of platform is being used). To maintain your brand ambassador perks we expect to see at least 4 posts per month (ideally one post per week). These four posts must be Marra's exclusive meaning no other stores or brands may be tagged or promoted in the same post. Get creative and don't forget about your merchandise discount that you'll be able to use in-store & online to help with product promotion!