Handmade, safe, organic teething, toys and other products for babies and toddlers!

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Affiliates will earn 20% on total gross sales monthly.

For products or services sold through the Website to any user through a Qualifying Link from an approved Affiliate Marketer, Affiliate Marketer will earn twenty percent (20%) of the gross sale, less returns or cancelations. b. Commission Fees will be payable to Affiliate Marketer via PayPal 30 days from the date of the sale of the products or services. c. Affiliate Marketer agrees that all agreements relating to sales to users will be between Paci-Catchers and the user. d. All determinations Paci-Catchers makes of Qualifying Links and Commission Fees due to Affiliate Marketer are final and binding. e. As independent contractors, Affiliate Marketers are solely responsible for any and all taxes and/or other fees or obligations associated with the receipt of payment under this Agreement.